Native Charcoal

After much anticipation, Native Charcoal coals have finally arrived! Your first
thoughts might be "Oh great, just another coal on the market!" but you've yet to see anything quite like these natural coconut hookah coals. We set out to bring
something new to the table, and to break away from the norm, and the result after
over a year of testing are these amazing coconut coals good enough to bear our
name! We are the only brand to use 100% pressed coconut husks. Contrary to other brands, Native Charcoal does not use any fillers such as wood and sawdust to cut costs. Native Charcoal coconut hookah coals are made of 100% coconut husks and are eco-friendly. Coconut coals have recently become more popular among hookah smokers because of their great benefits.

• Coals last for 2 hours, increasing the length of your session and saving you
• 100% Naturally made from coconut husks
• No chemicals or additives!
• No Sulphur
• Odorless, tasteless, & smokeless
• Our 1”x1” coals means less hassle changing out coals and more time
• Must be lit over open flame or coil burner because they are all natural!
• No trees harmed in the manufacturing of this product.